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05 Works, Today, June 19th, is Mary mother of James's day, her story in Paintings #170

Lucas Cranach the Elder
Mary Cleophas and Alphaeus, with two of their sons, c. 1509
Mixed technique on limewood
120.0 x 43.5 x min. 0.7 cm

Lucas Cranach the Elder (c. 1472 – 16 October 1553) was a German Renaissance painter and printmaker in woodcut and engraving. He was court painter to the Electors of Saxony for most of his career, and is known for his portraits, both of German princes and those of the leaders of the Protestant Reformation, whose cause he embraced with enthusiasm, becoming a close friend of Martin Luther. He also painted religious subjects, first in the Catholic tradition, and later trying to find new ways of conveying Lutheran religious concerns in art. He continued throughout his career to paint nude subjects drawn from mythology and religion. He had a large workshop and many works exist in different versions; his son Lucas Cranach the Younger, and others, continued to create versions of his father's works for decades after his death. Lucas Cranach the Elder has been considered the most successful German artist of his time. More Lucas Cranach the Elder

Mary was one of a group of women who kept track of Jesus’ travels and ministered to His needs whenever they could. The women provided food, shelter, laundering, and even money so that Jesus and the disciples could travel freely preaching the Gospel. 

James Tissot, (1836–1902)
What Our Lord Saw from the Cross, between 1886 and 1894
Gouache over graphite on gray-green wove paper
24.8 × 23 cm (9.7 × 9 in)
Brooklyn Museum

Jacques Joseph Tissot (15 October 1836 – 8 August 1902), Anglicized as James Tissot, was a French painter and illustrator. He was a successful painter of Paris society before moving to London in 1871. He became famous as a genre painter of fashionably dressed women shown in various scenes of everyday life. He also painted scenes and characters from the Bible. More on James Tissot

There are six famous Mary’s in the New Testament. It was a popular name mentioned fifty-one times in the New Testament. In the Gospels there are Mary, the mother of Jesus; Mary of Bethany; Mary Magdalene; and Mary the mother of James and Joseph. In the book of Acts there is Mary the mother of John Mark, and there is Mary of Rome.

There is some speculation as to whether or not Mary mother of James, and the wife of Clopas, was also Jesus’ aunt.

Unknown artist, Russian Orthodox icon
7 Women at the grave, c. 17th - early 19th 

The White Angel with its wings raised sits on a stone, blocking the entrance to the cave, near the empty tomb, where the shroud of Christ lies.

Before the angel there are seven wives of chamomiles with vessels in their hands in peace: first row: Martha from Bethany (Mary's sister); Virgin Mary; Mary (Martha's sister); Salomia
top row: Maria (other), Susanna, Anna.

Above in the valley between the mountains, the risen Christ against the backdrop of Mount Jerusalem (the city in the upper right) talks with Mary Magdalene.

She was present at the Crucifixion and afterwards went with Salomé and Mary Magdalene to the tomb to anoint Jesus’ body with spices. Being greeted by an angel who announced the Resurrection, they returned to tell the apostles of what they had learned.

Baciccio(b. 1639, Genova, d. 1709, Roma)
The Three Maries at the Empty Sepulchre, c. 1684-85
Oil on canvas
87 x 113 cm
Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge

Giovanni Battista Gaulli (8 May 1639 – 2 April 1709), also known as Baciccio, was an Italian artist working in the High Baroque and early Rococo periods. He is best known for his grand illusionistic vault frescos in the Church of the Gesù in Rome, Italy. His work was influenced by Gian Lorenzo Bernini.

Gaulli was born in Genoa, and initially apprenticed with Luciano Borzone. In mid-17th century. Gaulli's Genoa was a cosmopolitan Italian artistic center open to both commercial and artistic enterprises from north European countries. Gaulli's earliest influences would have come from an eclectic mix of these foreign painters and other local artists whose warm palette Gaulli adopted. In the 1660s, he experimented with the cooler palette and linear style of Bolognese classicism.

He first introduced him to Gianlorenzo Bernini in Rome, who promoted him. He found patrons among the Genoese, and was accepted into the Roman artists' guild, where he was to later hold several offices. The next year, he received his first public commission for an altarpiece, in the church of San Rocco, Rome. He received many private commissions for mythological and religious works.

At his height, Gaulli was one of Rome's most esteemed portrait painters. Gaulli died in Rome, shortly after 26 March 1709, probably 2 April. More on Giovanni Battista Gaulli

During the early persecution of Christians around 40 AD, the “three Maries,” were expelled from Jerusalem. They were placed, together with Lazarus, Martha, Maximin and Sidon, on a boat without oars or supplies. Sarah, their servant, was left behind, but Salomé threw her coat onto the waters and the coat became a raft, allowing Sarah to board. The boat eventually landed near Les Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer in present-day France.

Unknown artist
 The two Marys arriving on a stormy day, with Sarah waiting for them
Les Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer

The three Maries settled in Camargue, where they taught the good news of Christ. They peacefully gave up their souls to the Lord, and their grave became a popular place of pilgrimage. 

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