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04 Works, RELIGIOUS ART - Today, January 22nd, Saint Anastasius' Day, With Footnotes - 22


Saint Anastasius of Persia was originally a Zoroastrian cavalryman in the army of Khosrau II (r. 590–628), and participated in capture of the True Cross in Jerusalem, which was carried to the Sasanian capital Ctesiphon. The occasion prompted him to ask for information about the Christian religion. He then experienced a conversion of faith, left the army, became a Christian, and afterwards a monk in Jerusalem. He was baptized by Modestus, receiving the Christian name Anastasius to honor the resurrection of Jesus Christ. After seven years of the monastic observance, he was moved by the Holy Ghost to go in quest of martyrdom and went to Caesarea, then subject to the Sasanians.


Reproaching his countrymen for their religion, which he had once practiced, he was taken prisoner, cruelly tortured to make him abjure, and finally carried down near the Euphrates, to a place called Barsaloe, where his tortures were renewed while at the same time the highest honors in the service of King Khosrau II were promised him if he would renounce Christianity.

Reverend Anastasius Persianin
His torture and hanging
Vatican Library. Rome

Finally, with seventy others, he was strangled to death and decapitated on January 22, 628. His body was thrown to the dogs, but was left untouched by them, was carried from there to Palestine, afterwards to Constantinople, and finally to Rome. More on Saint Anastasius of Persia

Reverend Anastasius Persianin
Constantinople. 985 g. Thumbnail Minology Vasily II
Vatican Library. Rome.

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