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05 Works, Today, February 16th, is Saint Pamphilus' Day, With Footnotes - #47

Saint Pamphilus, Martyr

Saint Pamphilus (latter half of the 3rd century – February 16, 309), was a presbyter of Caesarea and chief among biblical scholars of his generation. 

Pamphilus was of a rich and honorable family of Beirut, in which city, at that time famous for its schools. In his youth he ran through the whole circle of the sciences, and was afterward honored with the first employments of the magistracy. He gave all his property to the poor. Pamphilus went to Alexandria, Egypt, where his teacher was Pierius, the head of the famous catechetical, a school of Christian theologians and priestsbefore settling in Caesarea Maritima, where he was ordained a priest. 

Origen of Alexandria teaching

While in Alexandria Pamphilus became devoted to the works of Origen of Alexandria. Pamphilus also collected sacred literature.  The Saint established there also a public school of sacred literature, and to his labors the Church was indebted for a most correct edition of the Holy Bible. 

The Holy Martyrs Pamphilius the Presbyter, Valens the Deacon, Paul, Porphyrius, Seleucius, Theodulus, Julian, Samuel, Elias, Daniel, Jeremiah and Isaiah

On November, 307 Pamphilus was brought before the governor of Palestine, and upon refusing to offer sacrifice, was cruelly tortured, and then relegated to prison. In prison he continued copying and correcting manuscripts. St Pamphilus and other members of his household, along with Valens, deacon of the Church of Jerusalem and Paul of Jamnia, men "in the full vigour of mind and body", were without further torture sentenced to be beheaded in February, 309. More on Pamphilus of Caesarea

Holy Martyr Pamphilos of Caesarea
Thumbnail Minology Vasily II. Vatican Library. Rome.

Holy Martyr Pamphilos of Caesarea 

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